Twinbird took part in "AHR Expo 2019", held in Atlanta, Georgia.

Pharmaceutical / Bio-tech

Twinbird exhibited at the AHR EXPO 2019, the world's largest air conditioning and cold exhibition, held in Atlanta, Georgia, January 14-16. At this 71st exhibition, about 2,000 companies from 33 countries and regions around the world, including the United States, exhibited and about 60,000 people attended.
At Twinbird's booth, we exhibited Stirling coolers and those applied products.
We were able to ask questions about the operating principle of the Stirling refrigerator seen from many visitors for the first time and actively discuss new applications.
We reconfirmed that Stirling technology from Tsubame-Sanjo is very unique technology in the world.
Twinbird will continue to propose “Products and Things” that support a sustainable society, with keywords of refrigeration, cooling, and cryogenic temperatures, utilizing its unique Stirling technology.