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FPSC Freezer operating in the Space

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The technology of "FPSC", Free Piston Stirling Coolers, are utilized in various fields. Please find how FPSC are used in Your Industry.

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– State of the Art

FPSC, Free Piston Stirling Coolers, are the complete CFC free system, using natural He gas. It is small, portable, and it is widely used for precise temperature control for under -50℃
Twinbird succeeded in mass production through the collaborative network of craftsmanship in Tsubame-Sanjo.

  • Below -50 ℃

    suitable for cooling below -50℃. *1

  • Less than 10 min.

    Reach to -80 ℃ in a few minutes. *1

  • Under +/- 0.1 ℃

    Precise temperature control system. *1

  • Less than 3 liters

    Total volume of cooler is less than 3 liters *2

  • CFC free

    Zero Global Warming Potential He gas is used for refrigerants to reduce environmental load.

  • Tsubame-Sanjo

    FPSC based on the network of craftsmanship in Tsubame-Sanjo

*1 Optimum thermal insulation design for relatively small thermal mass is required.
*2 In case of model SC-TD08


About us

The Headquarters of Twinbird Corporation is located in Tsubame-Sanjo town, which is famous for its world-class craftsmanship. Activating the network of technology and craftsmanship in the region of Tsubame-Sanjo, we have develop our products to offer “impression and comfort.” We continue to create products to excite people and create a delightful lifestyle.