Privacy Policy

Twinbird Corporation. (hereinafter referred to as" our company ") recognizes that protecting personal information in business activities is a responsibility of the company and strives to protect personal information based on the following policy.

1. Compliance with laws and regulations related to personal information When it is necessary to collect, use and provide personal information, we will deal with such personal information under strict control in accordance with the "Personal Information Protection Law" and related laws and regulations and other norms.

2. Proper handling of personal information When acquiring personal information from customers, we will identify the purpose of use as much as possible, acquire the necessary range of personal information, and use it to the extent necessary for achieving its purpose of use. In the event that it becomes necessary to use personal information beyond this range, except for cases permitted by laws and regulations, we will obtain the consent of the customer concerning its use.

3. Measures to ensure accuracy and safety In dealing with customer's personal information, we will manage responsibilities, and we will endeavor to properly manage such as unauthorized access to personal information, loss of personal information, prevention of destruction, falsification and leakage.

4. Continuous efforts concerning protection of personal information We continuously review the efforts related to the protection of personal information and make efforts to improve and improve it.

5. Purpose of use of personal information Personal information you enter will be used only for the purpose of the inquiry answer · the shipping of products and the services incidental to them. We will not disclose or use your personal information for any other purpose. In addition, we will not provide personal information to third parties in advance without obtaining their consent in advance, unless stipulated by laws and ordinances.

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