SC-BV25 Vaccine Transport Box 25L

Trump card for Vaccine Cargo

SC-BV25 Vaccine Transport Box 25L

Click here for storage / transportation product ”SC-DF25WL” related to COVID 19 vaccine

Key Features

Trump card for Vaccine Cargo

  • The SC-BV25 is used for cold chain delivery where products should not be frozen, such as vaccine transport. It can be powered from wall plug or car cigar plug.

Keep 4℃ +/- 2℃ at various environment

  • Even at ambient temperature below 0℃ it can keep 4 ℃ +/- 2℃ because SC-BV25 is hybrid configuration with FPSC and heater.

Memory function for the lowest/highest temperature

  • Internal temperature is indicated on the front panel. SC-BV25 has a memory for minimum/maximum temperature. It also alert when the temperature deviate.

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Typical performance


This cooling curve is the typical characteristic of internal temperature at empty cabinet, not guaranteed value. Note that cooling performance depends on heat mass and arrangement of contents strongly.

Your Industries


Maintaining the safety and quality of products is the most important in the pharmaceutical industry. Precise temperature control during delivery is required to keep good quality, especially for vaccine and some biopharmaceuticals.




No special freezer/ refrigerated trucks are required. FPSC make possible freezing/refrigerating transportation, once connected to DC power supply.



– State of the Art

FPSC, Free Piston Stirling Coolers, are the complete CFC free system, using natural He gas.
It is small, portable, and it is widely used for precise temperature control for under -50℃.
Twinbird succeeded in mass production through the collaborative network of craftsmanship in Tsubame-Sanjo.

  • Below -50 ℃

    Suitable for cooling below -50℃. *1

  • Less than 10 min.

    Reach to -80 ℃ in a few minutes. *1

  • Under +/- 0.1 ℃

    Precise temperature control system. *1

  • Less than 3 liters

    Total volume of FPSC is less than 3 liters. *2

  • Degrees CFC free

    Zero Global Warming Potential He gas is used for refrigerants to reduce environmental load.

  • Tsubame-Sanjo

    FPSC based on the network of craftsmanship in Tsubame-Sanjo

*1: Optimum thermal insulation design for relatively small thermal mass is required.
*2: In case of model SC-TG08S


Dimensions (outside) W D H: 695 x 350 x 460 (mm)
Dimensions (inside) W D H: 335 x 225 x 340 (mm) , 25 liters
Weight 15 kg
Power Source Voltage DC 12 Volts
Power Consumption 48 VA
Setting Temperature 4 ℃ +/- 2℃ (ambient temp -10℃ to 35℃)
Noise 40 dB(A) (Horizontally 1 m from Cooler, after stable operation)
Include 2 container box, Cigarette Plug Cable (3m, DC12 Volts)
Accessory SC-AD70 AC Adapter
Sample Price Please contact SC business division for detail.


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