The Portable Freezer Cooler (SC-C925) and the Power Box (PB-1) Help Sakuramachi Animal Clinic with Vaccine Cooling

September 2009

We have received a letter from Mr. Sugiura, a veterinarian, who is using our Portable Freezer Cooler as a refrigerator for animal vaccines. The following is a summarized report from his letter.

First, I would like to say thank you for your visiting our animal clinic.
On August 19, I visited 9 places, driving my car a total of 280km. I visited a pet shop to vaccinate the animals, the municipal office, and our several of our clients' homes.
The vaccines need to be stored at a temperature between 2°C to 5°C according to the indication of the vaccine manufacturers. In the hot summer season, it is important to keep the vaccines within the specified temperature range for long periods while performing house calls. Sometimes it is necessary to maintain the proper temperature for more than 10 hours while driving to appointments. It is very important to keep the temperature within the manufacturers specified range, because getting the animals vaccinated with warmed vaccines may cause anaphylaxis. In this way, I have searched for a cooler box that can precisely keep the vaccines at 3°C.
The cooler for this application also had to keep the temperature with the range allowed during times when the car engine was stopped. Before using this SC-C925 Freezer Cooler, I had used a cooler box for storing vaccines in my car, keeping the engine running while the car is parked. For antitheft purposes, I had to lock the car with the engine running, using a spare key. If not, the inside of the cooler box was condensed water vapor and the vaccines were damaged. The SC-C925 Freezer Cooler is excellent. Using it in combination with the PB-1 Power Box, the Freezer Cooler can keep the vaccines at a desired temperature even though the engine is stopped for 30 to 50 minutes. The thermometer set inside the Freezer Cooler showed that the temperature was kept to 3°C! The PB-1 is very helpful so as not to exhaust the car battery. Actually, as I mentioned, I had used the previous cooler box with the car engine running, but in this way the car battery run out once a year. Now that I have the SC-925 Freezer Cooler and the PB-1, there is no problem such as warming of the vaccines or depleting the car battery. I would recommend the SC-925 Freezer Cooler and PB-1 to small sized companies who may need a comparatively inexpensive cooler box to precisely keep the temperature.

We have visited the Sakuramachi Animal Clinic (Japanese only) to see how the system is used and the client's expectation for our Freezer Cooer. We also explained the installation procedure and how to use the Freezer Cooler in the same time. Many thanks to the clinic director, Dr. Sugiura, for sharing his valuable time with us.


To keep the medicinal products (mainly the vaccines for animals) cool during the transportation in a car.


SC-C925 Portable Freezer Cooler and PB-1 Power Box (battery)

Before purchasing the SC-C925, he had used OR-C662 Electronic Hot & Cool Box "DuoCargo" (Twinbird's product).

Sakuramachi Animal Clinic Dr. Sugiura (the director of the clinic)

Sakuramachi Animal Clinic

Dr. Sugiura (the director of the clinic)

SC-C925 installed in the car SC-C925 (left) and the previously used OR-C622

SC-C925 installed in the car

SC-C925 (left) and the previously used OR-C622

The thermometer attached to SC-C925

The thermometer attached to SC-C925
The inner temperature is set at the mode COOL3 (3°C)


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