13th Mechanical Components & Materials Technology EXPO 2009

July 2009

First of all, we would like to thank you very much for visiting our booth at the 13th Mechanical Components & Materials Technology EXPO 2009 (M-Tech).
Twinbird participated in the M-Tech show with the concept: "Let's promote the technologies developed in Niigata!". We exhibited our FPSCs through the Niigata Industrial Creation Organization (NICO). We hope that our activity will help in stimulating the industries in Niigata.

Approximately 1,600 companies exhibited their technologies and about 80,000 people visited M-Tech. 82 companies from Niigata exhibited their products and technologies.
We showed our FPSC (Free-Piston Stirling Cooler) products, which use Helium gas as the refrigerant, in our new products catalog and demonstrated the following models:

  • 100K type model (-150°C) - sample only: -150°C
  • -120°C Cryogenic Thermostatic Chamber: -120°C
  • 150W FPSC module, type SC-UE15: -120°C
  • 80W FPSC module, type SC-UD08: -100°C
  • Deep Freezer, type SC-DF25: -40°C
  • Cool Cargo, type SC-JS05 with container C100V: -30°C
  • Cryocooler, type CS-80C (made by SCINICS CORPORATION): -80°C

Our demonstration of cooling to ultra-low temperatures attracted attention and was highly appreciated. We announced that our FPSC, which is now in mass production, is the next generation technology for ultra-low temperature cooling. It offers a light-weight, compact package, significantly reduced energy consumption, environmentally-friendliness while remaining cost competitive.


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