The Deep Freezer in an Italian Restaurant

April 2009

The Italian restaurant "BOUEKIFU" is located in Iizuka-city (Fukuoka pref.), which is popular for the good wines and pastas.
The owner of the restaurant, Mr. Nagata, had bought our Deep Freezer (type SC-DF25).
The intended use of the Deep Freezer was to keep the foodstuffs, such as fishes and meats, as fresh as possible. The precise temperature control capability of the Deep Freezer appealed to the Mr. Nagata.

The nameboard of the restaurant "BOUEKIFU"Deep Freezer (SC-DF25)

Mr. Nagata, the restaurant owner, recently sent us an e-mail.

"The Deep Freezer, driven by the Stirling Cooler, is very helpful for us. We set the temperature at -2C. A the foodstuffs can be kept in good condition, loss of the foodstuffs was drastically reduced. Moreover, since the foodstuffs are not frozen too hard, it is easy to cut the food stuffs by a knife. Our staffs are very content with the Deep Freezer. I thought twice about whether to buy this or not, because it was somewhat expensive. But now I'm totally content to have bought this. The temperatures are adjustable at one grade, and that is very good feature for us. For a restaurant not too big that is not a franchised one, this Deep Freezer is very helpful to keep the foodstuffs."

"P.S. This is my individual opinion, that even though a product is excellent, the price setting is still important, under the current economical circumstances in Japan. I think that it will be better if the Deep Freezer would have temperature adjustment in 5 steps from 0C to -4C. For me, -40C is not necessary...."

We thank you very much, Mr. Nagata, for your feedback and ideas for new products. We will apply our customers' feedback and ideas to our new product development.


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