JST adopted the "Cultivating Research"


April 2009

The Japan Science Technology Agency (JST), an agency associated with the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, is promoting the "General Support For Creating Local Innovation" as a core enforcement agency of the Basic Program of Science and Technology. As one of the their activities for General Support, JST Innovation Satellite Shizuoka announced on January 22, 2009 that they had adopted the joint development and research project, in which Twinbird Corporation participates, into the Local Research and Engineering Promotion Program ("Cultivating Research") for 2008.

Our "task for the Cultivating Research" is as follows:

Framework for the Local Research and Engineering Promotion Program for 2008:

Name of the task: Development of freezing treatment device for deep layer neoplastic lesions using an FPSC type Stirling cycle cooler and a thermosiphon
Research leader: ISODA Haruo (Hamamatsu University School of Medicne. Associate professor)
Term of the research: For three years from April 1, 2009
Budget for the research: 26 million yen for a year (78 million yen for the total three years)
Summary of the research: The freezing treatment is a treatment to necrotize a tumor by minimally-invasive freezing and melting, with which the researchers expect to enhance immunity. By precisely monitoring the tumor and the frozen area under MR, CT or ultrasonic guidance, precise treatment will be realized.

This Research program is intended to develop a compact and inexpensive freezing treatment device with good manipulability and with which the treatment can be done with image-guidance. This will be done by combining the free-piston Stirling cooler and a thermosiphon. The first target of this treatment is breast cancer, which is soaring in recent years. With this freezing treatment we can aim the curative treatment at the tumor, keeping the damage to the original tissue to a minimum. We are further aiming to apply this treatment to deep neoplastic lesions. Additionally, the security and the effectiveness of this freezing treatment will be confirmed by means of animal experimentations, bringing the potential approval under the Pharmaceutical Affairs Act into view.

As mentioned above, we will go forward with this Research utilizing our Stirling cooler technology and heat exchanging technology, to the maximum extent. The program will run for a period of three years beginning from the April 1, 2009. We will serve to contribute to advancement in the science, technology and improvement of medical technology with this freezing treatment for cancers.


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