"Excellent cooling performance. Ice can be made easily. Moreover, the power consumption is about a half of conventional refrigerators. "

March 2009

The following is a report from Mr. Okazaki, a customer who won the Portable Freezer-Cooler as the prize in the magazine "AUTO CAMPER" issued in July, 2008.

From the customer's report (summarized translation of the original report in the magazine):

SC-C925 Portable Freezer-Cooler 25L, equipped with a high efficiency FPSC,

I have been waiting for a cooler like this, which can cool down in a short time and can also make ice. Drinks will be more refreshing if served with ice, especially in the summer season. As I go camping about 80 days a year, it is necessary for me to have a refrigerator with high performance.
First, I will explain how I use this Freezer-Cooler. One day before going camping, at night, I connect the Freezer-Cooler at home and set the temperature to 3
C (or -18C) using an AC adaptor. In this way, ice can be readily made. The next morning, I need only to load the Freezer-Cooler in my car. Ice cream can also be carried without melting.
Comparing this Freezer-Cooler with the other refrigerator with the capacity of 18 liters that I had used before, it is surprising that this Freezer-Cooler consumes only one half of the power consumption than the other refrigerator!
The other refrigerator with the capacity of 18 liters could not make ice. This is the excellence of the FPSC, with the high cooling capacity! I knew the excellence of the FPSCs as the earth-friendly next generation cooling system, but using this Freezer-Cooler by myself, I could experience the real excellence of that!
The top-open type is easy to use, and the lockable lid is also convenient. The big capacity of 25 liters is very satisfying for me, it works well for a camping.

"AUTO CAMPER", April 2009 Report by the customer, Mr. Okazaki

"AUTO CAMPER", April 2009

Report by the customer, Mr. Okazaki
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