Temperature Cycling Test Device (temperature range: -60C to +60C)
Received an order from NICT to install at JAXA
Free from dew condensation, wide temperature coverage and programmable temperature control.

January 2009

Outline of the Device Characteristics

Twinbird has made a Temperature Cycling Test Device equipped with a Stirling Cooler to be used as a thermal environmental testing device for laser reflectors. It was delivered to the customer, NICT (National Institute of Information and Communications Technology), in April 2008.

The new Temperature Cycling Test Device is equipped with two TB80W type FPSCs to provide system cooling. The new device offers a compact design, user-friendly interface, competitive price, precision temperature control and is free from condensation buildup. The size of the insulated enclosure imposes a large thermal load compared to its cooling capacity and therefore a typical thermal cycle time is about 8 hours. The long cycle time may indicate that this unit is best suited for applications requiring a smaller number of repeating cycles than typically required for standard thermal endurance tests.

The new Temperature Controlling Test Device was installed at the laboratory of Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) in order to measure the thermal gradient of a prism caused by the environmental temperature. Temperature measurements inside the prism were made by drilling a 1.0mm diameter hole in the entrance plane of the prism and then inserting a 0.5mm in diameter stainless steel sheathed thermocouple. Heating and Cooling tests were conducted using the new Test Device provided, with the prism temperature cycled through the range of +60C to -60C.

The results of the tests indicated that there was a temperature gradient inside the lens when the temperature rose and fell. It was also reported by JAXA that the appropriateness of the prism's thermal design was confirmed by this thermal analysis.

In addition to the above mentioned Temperature Cycling Test Device, we have also designed and delivered other cooling test devices, such as the "Cryogenic thermostatic chamber", the "Freeze treatment and test device" and "Coolant water test device" for use at universities, research institutions and corporate laboratories. We hope to apply this experience, to the development of other devices that can contribute to any industry requiring high quality temperature testing.

Main Characteristics of the Temperature Cycling Test Device


Wide temperature range: Digital temperature control (-60C to +60C).


Nitrogen gas filled system: No dew condensation in the chamber during the tests.


New type freezer chamber: Equipped with FPSC technology, completely free from chlorofluorocarbon.


Programmable temperature control: Temperatures can be set and monitored through the computers.


Workspace: Test samples can be set on the aluminum test plate (150 x 150mm).


Compact design: Electric components are housed under the test chamber to save space.
Requires low power consumption and no need to employ nitrogen gas or dry-ices.

Appearance of the device. (With insulating materials attached to the test window)
Appearance of the device.
(With insulating materials attached to the test window)

Window for laser entrance test (Window frame for vacuum insulation optics)
Window for laser entrance test
(Window frame for vacuum insulation optics)


Appearance with the lid opened

Main Features of the Device

• Name of the Device

Temperature Cycling Test Device

• Temperature Range

-60C ~ +60C

• Refrigerating System

Stirling Cooler (2x FPSC TB80W modules)

• Heating System

Cartridge Heater (60W)

• Temperature Controlling


• Heat Transfer System

Forced air cooling by blowing air to the fin and direct heat transfer from the fin to the test plate

• Temperature measurement

K-type thermocouples (7 channels)
One of the thermocouples is stainless sheathed thermocouple (Φ0.5mm)

• Size of the Test Plate

Aluminum 150 x 150 x 10mm

• Rated Power Consumption

Approx. 300W (AC100V ~ AC240V)

• Product Size

W660 x D623 x H580mm

• Product Weight

Approx. 45kg

• Main Body

Exterior: Stainless steel plate
Frame: Coated plate

• Insulation Material

Urethane foam

• Windows for Operation

Window for operation, window for laser test, and window for observation

• Measures for Safety

1. Over heat prevention / detection
2. Thermal fuses for inner temperature and for heater temperature
3. Breaker for electric leakage

• Option

Wheeled platform

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