New Product Development:
Thermostatic Chamber (plate type);
Integrated with an Earth Friendly Cooling System, the Free-Piston Stirling Cooler; model UE15.
The UE15 offers wide range temperature control from -120
C to +70C and is equipped with a digital temperature control system.

January 2009

Device Characteristics

Twinbird is developing a Plate Type Thermostatic Chamber, equipped with an Earth-friendly Stirling Cooler (FPSC). This type of thermostatic chamber, with broad temperature range capability, is rapidly becoming indispensible in the fields of physical and chemical science with particular growth in the demand for chambers with a wide temperature range capability. In addition to a broad temperature capability, these industries also require the high precision temperature control, ease of temperature adjustment, safety and user-friendliness offered by the Twinbird's Thermostatic Chamber.

Twinbird can provide customized Thermostatic Chambers to customers that meet all of the requirements detailed above. Twinbird's Thermostatic Chamber is equipped with a leading-edge Free-Piston Stirling Cooler and electric heating system that enables various types of thermal testing such as freezing, refrigerating and heating and ultra low temperature freezing, through the use of VIP insulation and digital temperature controls. Twinbird's Thermostatic Chamber offers excellent quality, energy efficiency and earth-friendliness.

The power can be supplied from AC electric source. The temperature can be digitally set in 0.1C increments from -120C to +70C. Temperature set points may be customized to correspond to a programmable temperature regulator for use in a temperature cycling test. Power consumption is about 300W. The unit is capable of accepting a block or testing plate made of aluminum, copper or titanium inside the chamber, this allows the use this chamber for a wide variety of purposes in the biologic and physical sciences.

Twinbird has experience in providing various types of customized test devices for cooling, such as our Temperature Cycling Test Device or our Super Low Temp Thermostatic Chamber. Taking advantage of this experience, we can provide customized test devices for use in universities, research institutions and corporate laboratories. Our experience in these areas, allows us to develop new devices that can contribute to all industries concerned with thermal regulation and control.

Main Characteristics of The Temperature Cycling Test Device


Wide temperature range : -120C to +70C.
For use in physical, chemical and biological sciences study, and for the storage or temperature test of these areas.


Earth-friendly cooling system: Helium gas is used as refrigerant
New FPSC technology provides all cooling and uses no CFCs.


VIPs (Vacuum Insulation Panel) are used as the insulating material providing stable temperatures and energy-savings.


The digital temperature controller can be configured as a programmable temperature controller.


Workspace capacity: 2 liters with plate (Φ160mm x H120mm)


Features minimal workspace requirement, low power consumption and is easy to transport with integrated casters.
No liquid nitrogen or dry ices are used. Easily transported to where DC power is available.


Lid opened
Lid opened

Main Features of the Device

• Model

Wide range thermal control plate type Thermostatic Chamber, SC-PE15

• Cooling / Heating

Stirling Cooler / Cartridge heater

• Temperature Range

-120.0C ~ +70.0C (programmable by 0.1C)

• Temperature Precision

±0.5C (at the surface of aluminum plate)

• Rated power Consumption

Approx. 300W (AC100V ~ AC240V)

• Product Size

W270 x D340 x H710mm

• Chamber Inner Size

Φ160 x H100mm (approx. 2 liters)

• Product Weight

Approx. 25kg

• Material

Painted Steel Plate with Casters, Lockable

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