Cool Cargo (customized model) Helps the Transportation of Delicious "Izasa-sushi"

May 2008

Izasa Corporation (Nara pref.), a retailer of special local product "Kakinoha-sushi" and the original product "Izasa-sushi", is using our Cool Cargo customized for their special use, for the purpose of transporting its products. Thanks to Izasa Corporation, reporting us how the Cool Cargo serves helpfully in the transportation.


Izasa Corporation

Business Category

Rice processing company [The main products are the "Kakinoha-sushi", the special local food of Nara prefecture and the "Izasa-sushi", the original rice processed food of this company.]


Izasa Corporation wished to transport the products safely keeping the temperature at 18C, which is the most proper temperature for keeping rice.


No refrigerator for storing rice at the proper temperature for rice was available in the market.
No refrigerator was available which can provide good cost performance in the small amount transportation.

Condition of use

The products are transported from Nara pref. to Nagoya city (260km) everyday by a minivan.

Loading our product "Izasa-sushi" into the transportation car.

Loading our product "Izasa-sushi" into the transportation car.

Unloading the products from the transportation car.

Unloading the products from the transportation car.

The temperature monitor is installed near the driver's seat. Temperature can be checked at any time.

The temperature monitor is installed near the driver's seat. Temperature can be checked at any time.

Comment by Mr. Okazaki, Manufacturing Department of Izasa Corporation

First of all, we have not found any in-vehicle refrigerator, which can keep the temperature at 18C, among other manufacturers of refrigerators.
It is known in the industry that proper temperature for keeping rice is 18C. Rice is generally kept at 18C in the manufacturing facility, during the transportation and in the showcases in a shop. Many thanks to SC Operations of Twinbird Corporation, for kindly attending to our request and quickly offering us the customized Cool Cargo.

The temperatures are selectable among 5C, 16C, and 18C. We mainly use the Cool Cargo at 16C. We are very content that the temperature is kept perfectly between 14 to 16C during the 2.5 hours of transportation by car, without any overrunning from the temperature range.
Cool Cargo is also very excellent in quietness. It generates substantially no noise and vibration, so the conversation in the car is not interfered by noise and the drivers do not feel stressed. In the meantime, it seems that the use of Cool Cargo does not damage the battery of a car.

  1. Our products are packed in flat circulate boxes as shown in the picture or in cardboard boxes. Since such boxes are difficult to be put in and taken out from the top of the container, we have reworked the container so that we can put in and take out the products from the side panel of the container.

  2. For avoiding damage to the container, especially breakage of the bottom of the container, we attached a protection layer on the inner surface of the container. (We suppose that it will better to attach thin stainless plate.)

  3. With respect to the performance, it is apparent that Cool Cargo has high cooling performance and quietness. We think that it is better if more variations of boxes are available. Increasing the containing capacity will require the verification of cooling speed and retention, however, if this kind of refrigerator can control the cooling capacity for a refrigerating mini-vehicle, higher cost performance will be realized and it would be a big news for us.

Izasa Corporation

Izasa Brand Kakinoha-sushi, Sasa-sushi

Izasa Brand

Kakinoha-sushi, Sasa-sushi


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