TWINBIRD'S FPSC Is Exhibited For Demonstration in the "TEPCO Electrified Factory" of Tokyo Electric Power Company

November 2007
Contact Name: Nomizu

The Tokyo Electric Power Company has established the "TEPCO Electrified Factory I2" for presentation of innovative electrified manufacturing processes for industrial customers. The TEPCO Electrified Factory is located in the R&D Center (Yokohama) of the Tokyo Electric Power Company. The TEPCO Electrified Factory exhibits and demonstrates technologies to improve manufacturing efficiency by means of induction heating, heat pump systems, etc., which will lead to the lasting energy savings, cost savings and reduction of CO2 emissions.Twinbird's FPSC is also exhibited in the TEPCO Electrified Factory.
This Factory will be opened for visitors in late November 2007. We believe that this will be a great opportunity for influential companies in various industries to adopt our FPSC technology into their new products.

R&D Center (Yokohama City) FPSC demonstration

R&D Center (Yokohama City)

FPSC demonstration


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