Twinbird participated in the 13th International Stirling Engine Conference (ISEC 2007)

October 2007
Contact Name: Nomizu

ISEC 2007 was held at the Waseda University, Tokyo. About 170 Stirling researchers and members of concerned companies (including 55 persons from 19 foreign countries) participated in this Conference. Many dissertations were presented, lively discussions were made and many opinions were exchanged. Many samples and posters were also exhibited, which attracted a variety of people's attention.
Our presentation was titled "Earth-Friendly and Economical Low Temperature Transportation Container COOL CARGO FZ". Our presentation went well and we feel that it made a good impression on the audience.
In our display corner, a COOL CARGO FZ and an FPSC were demonstrated. Both COOL CARGO FZ and the FPSC attracted attention, that is because, first of all, Twinbird’s FPSC is the world first commercialized Stirling Cooler, and Twinbird is developing various practical products such as COOL CARGO FZ.
We will continue to make our best efforts to improve our technology and to exploit the market potential by cooperating with the companies and public institutions, both domestic and overseas, who whish to utilize Stirling technology.

Waseda University Our Exhibition Booth

Waseda University

Our Exhibition Booth


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