Report of Non-profit Medical Activities in The Republic of Sudan

September 26, 2007
By Fujino

Doctor Kawahara, who is conducting medical activities in the Republic of Sudan, sent this e-mail to Mr. Nagamatsu, a supporter of non-profit medical activities. Mr. Nagamatsu forwarded said e-mail to us with his message and thanks. The following is the English translation of the e-mail from Mr. Nagamatsu:

Date: Sun, 29 Jul 2007 15:20
To: Mr. Fujino
From: Mr. Nagamatsu

Following is the message from Dr. Kawahara in Sudan.
The message from Dr. Kawahara is very encouraging for me to support the activities in Sudan. As the electric power supply is unsteady in Sudan, many thanks to Twinbird who developed low power consumption refrigerator.

Sent: Saturday, July 28, 2007 11:44
To: Mr. Nagamatsu
From: Mr. Kawahara

A boy of eight years old was bitten by a snake, he had 39C fever and convulsion, however, he was saved by virtue of the serum stocked in the refrigerator. It was the very first use of the refrigerator.
The refrigerator is also useful for preservation of malaria test agents.
P.S. Tomorrow 2 students will arrive here. The day after tomorrow, the ambassador will arrive here for the purpose of observation.

We are very glad to know that our refrigerator contributes internationally in any way.

Mr. Nagamatsu stayed in Sudan for 3 weeks in April 2007, where he felt the necessity of a refrigerator for storing medications, and he found our refrigerator on the internet. Mr. Nagamatsu himself carried the refrigerator to Sudan in June, 2007. We requested him to send us some photographs; accordingly Dr. Kawahara kindly sent us 6 photographs in Sudan. The following is the report and comment by Mr. Nagamatsu, together with the photographs sent by Dr. Kawahara.

We are using the energy-saving refrigerator COOL CARGO (combination of SC-JS04 and C200N) here in Africa for storing medications which shall always be kept under 15C and for live vaccines for cholera, antitoxic serums for scorpion toxins, etc.

Status in Sudan: The refrigerator COOL CARGO is installed in a clinic in a small village of 3,000 peoples located about 550 kilometers east-southeast of the capital Khartoum (See photos 05 and 06).
In the village, the highest temperature in the daytime in a dry season is generally over 40C, sometimes over 55C. Mains electric power supply is not available in the village, and there is no plan of future mains power supply for the time being. Therefore, we are using COOL CARGO by solar power generation (See photos 03 and 04). COOL CARGO is used for storing vaccines and medicines under 30C. We can perform medical activities such as medical treatment and infection prevention (See photos 01 and 02).
Request to Twinbird: As the higher limit of ambient temperature rage of use of COOL CARGO is 45C, we have to take measures for COOL CARGO not to malfunction since sometimes the temperature rise to 55C in Sudan. We strongly request to Twinbird to develop a refrigerator which is usable at 55C of ambient temperature (inner temperature of the refrigerator: 25C or lower).

Photo 01 Photo 02

Photo 01: Dr. Kawahara (right)
Obtaining a blood sample for malaria test.
Malaria test kits need to be stored at 30C or lower.

Photo 02: Dr. Kawahara (right) examining a patient.
The person to the left is a medical student.

Photo 03 Photo 04

Photo 03: COOL CARGO SC-JS04 + C200N
This is the COOL CARGO. The village in which COOL CARGO is installed is located in a dusty place between the desert and the grassland.

Photo 04: Solar battery panel installed on the roof of the clinic
Wind does not blow strongly in this village, so this panel is simply put on the roof.

Photo 05 Photo 06

Photo 05: People waiting in the clinic
Basically, patients are not hospitalized in the clinic. About 20 patients visits everyday.

Photo 06: A truck transporting the patients
A truck is transporting the patients to this village from the neighboring villages.
The big hospital is located very far from this village. The building beyond the truck is the clinic built by the government. Mains electric power supply is not available and water is available from the water well. However, the air is pure and the sky in the nighttime is very beautiful.


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