Twinbird is engaged in development of 150W FPSC module

October 2007
Contact Name: M. Saito

Twinbird is developing a higher power Stirling cooler "150 W FPSC module". This product is being developed to serve the needs of various customers.

This 150W FPSC Module provides:

1) Improved cooling capacity at deep freezing temperature (*1) (-100C at cold head / cooling capacity 20W)
2) Cooling capacity with broad temperature range (*1) (-100C to +40C at cold head / temperature at +40C to +100C being tested)
3) Compact design
4) Mount structure easy to be mounted on an application product
5) Installable both horizontally and vertically
6) Air-cooling (DC fan)
(*1) Compared to Twinbird's existing products

We are endeavoring to realize cooling capacities across broad temperature ranges through the development of Stirling coolers with natural refrigerants (Helium). Once this module is successfully developed, refrigeration across broad temperature ranges (-100C to +100C) will be common place, which was historically unrealistic using a single refrigeration system. Currently we have confirmed the preliminary cooling capacity of the new unit with no problem, and we are continuing the verification of its final cooling capacity.
We are also developing vibration reduction technology which does not cause significant price increase. The new technology can potentially reduce vibration levels to the level as low as a few micrometers.

We will continuously develop the products and exploit new technologies to serve various needs of the customers.

150W FPSC Module (prototype) Cooling capacity graph (ambient temperature 25C)

150W FPSC Module (prototype)

Cooling capacity graph (ambient temperature 25C)

Specification and design of the product are subject to change without notice due to continual improvements.

If you have any question about this topic, please contact us.


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