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This website is managed by the SC Business Operations of Twinbird Corporation (referred to as "This Business Operations"). When you use this website, please read following terms of use (referred to as the "Terms Of Use") and use this website only if you agree to the terms and conditions set forth below.

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It is recommended to use the latest version of your browser to view this website.
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Please enable Java Script within your browser to view this homepage.
If the above-mentioned conditions are not satisfied, it may cause viewing problems, for example, some pages may not be displayed or may be displayed improperly.


* Use of This Website

This Business Operations does not make any warranty as to accuracy, certainty, usefulness or safety of the content and other information provided in this website (for example, as to non-disruption of the function, non-occurrence of errors, or that this website or the server does not contain harmful material like computer viruses).
This Business Operations assumes no responsibility for any harm or loss caused or may possibly be caused to you through the use of or relying on the contents or other information appearing on this website.
This Business Operations reserves the right to change or discontinue the structure of this website, the Terms of use, or elements or information contained in this website without prior notice.
This Business Operations reserves the right to interrupt or discontinue operation of this website without prior notice.


* Copyrights

Copyrights related to the texts, photographs or other copyrighted materials appearing on this website (referred to as "Contents") belong to This Business Operations or the original author or other person or entity who is entitled to such right. Duplication, modification, deletion or reproduction on other website of the Contents appearing on this website without authorization of This Business Operations, the copyright holder, the original author or other person or entity who is entitled to such right are prohibited under the Copyright Law, except for printing or storage for personal use or the case permitted under the Copyright Law. Please contact This Business Operations if you wish to obtain permission, before using the Contents appearing on this website.


* Trademarks, etc.

Rights relating to individual trademarks or logo marks appearing on this website belong to Twinbird Corporation or each holder of such rights.
Use of such trademarks or logo marks without authorization from This Business Operations or each holder of such right is prohibited, except for specific use permitted under the Trademark Law or other laws.
You are therefore requested to contact us and obtain the permission prior to using them.


* Links to Other Websites

This Business Operations makes no representation and warranty as to the Contents of other websites linked from this website. Use of a website shall be subject to the terms and conditions of each website. Nothing contained in this website shall mean that This Business Operations represents to have a special relationship with a linked website nor to recommend the products or services of a company of such linked websites.


* Proposals of Ideas, etc.

Occasionally users who use this website offer to This Business Operations some proposals for ideas, memorandum, drawings, concepts or mails (referred to as "Proposals") relating to new products, technologies, designs, advertisements, methods of production etc.
However, This Business Operations is dedicated independently in researching and developing in various fields on a regular basis. It is therefore possible that our unpublished ideas may accidentally be very similar to your Proposals, and consequently confusions or disputes may arise between you and This Business Operations. To avoid such future confusions or disputes, This Business Operations have a policy principally not to accept Proposals form you. We appreciate very much your comprehension and cooperation in this regard.


* Governing Law and Competent Jurisdiction

(1) Except otherwise provided, the use of this website and interpretation and implementation of the Terms Of Use shall be governed under the laws of Japan.
(2) Except otherwise provided, the Niigata District Court shall be the court of first jurisdiction for all dispute related to this website.


* Inquiries Concerning This Website

If you may have any questions regarding this website, or wish to obtain permission to link to it, etc., please contact us using the Inquiry Form.


* Privacy Policy

The SC Business Operations of Twinbird Corporation (referred to as "This Business Operations") respects the privacy of the users who use the website managed by This Business Operations (referred to as "This Website"). This Business Operations is taking extra care for dealing with private information, making every effort to protect it and conducting proper management.
Following Privacy Policy explains about the handling of private information in This Website.
Using This Website you are presumed to have understood and agreed to the Contents of following Privacy Policy.
To protect user's private information more properly, This Business Operations reserves the right to change its Privacy Policy in compliance with the change of laws or regulations at any time where it is necessary. When you are visiting This Website, you are therefore presumed to have agreed to the current Privacy Policy.

*Scope of the Privacy Policy
*Purpose of using private information
*Disclosure of information to third parties
*Secure management of private information

• Scope of the Privacy Policy
This Privacy Policy applies to the use of This Website only.
This Website supplies links to other websites to the users for the purpose of supplying information and/or services. This Business Operations assumes no responsibility for any harm or loss of private information of users that may arise from the linked websites.
You are therefore requested to read and agree to the privacy policy of each website when you access the linked websites.

• Purpose of using private information
This Business Operations has the basic principle to use the private information supplied by the users of This Website only for the purpose of providing information relating to the services of This Business Operations and replying to the comments, requests or inquiries submitted by the users of This Website.

• Disclosure of information to third parties
Except for the following cases, This Business Operations does not disclose nor supply private information provided by the users of This Website:
1. Where it is required to disclose such private information by a third party organization who has legal binding force;
2. Where This Business Operations determines that it is adequate to reply to the inquiries submitted by users of This Website through an affiliate of This Business Operations or other internal Department or Section of Twinbird Corporation;
3. Where the user of This Website agrees to disclose such private information.

• Secure management of private information
Private information submitted by a user of This Website is encrypted and protected by SSL (Secure Socket Layer).
This SSL encryption enables us to avoid leakage of data transmitted through the Internet.
Please note that using a browser which is not capable to SSL may cause problems, such as inaccessibility to This Website or unsuccessfulness of imputing data.
This Business Operations reserves the right to entrust the management of private information to a third party, whom This Business Operations evaluates to be able to manage a part of such private information properly.
In such a case, such an entrusted third party shall manage the private information to the extent necessary for practicing the entrusted operation.



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