SC-UE15 FPSC Module UE15

Main Feature

*Cooling Temperature Range : -120 to +70C
1. Wide Range Cooling Temperature

Innovative cooler with wide range cooling temperature capability from -120C to +70C.

2. Precise Temperature Control

Precise temperature control: Input range to the cooler (0~100%) can be controlled in 256 steps, and this realizes the precise temperature control, which have been difficult by conventional compressors.
Inputs to the cooler can be made under the condition of DC voltage 1V to 5V or DC current 4mA to 20mA.
* Cooling capacity varies subject to the ambient temperature and/or the cold side temperature.

3. Environmental Friendly

This cooling system uses the Helium gas, the natural refrigerant, which has zero global warming potential.
Furthermore, no lubricant oil is required to operate the FPSC, that is environmental friendly product.

FPSC Module UE15

SC-UE15 User's Manual

SC-UE15 User's Manual

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4. Easy to Operate

Objects can be cooled directly by this SC-UE15. No piping for the refrigerant is necessary. SC-UE15 employs the integrated module structure with the refrigerator, heat exhaust fins, DC fan and heat-exhausting duct (equipped with mount structure). It can be used as the cooler only by supplying DC48V to the Drive PCB.
* The power for driving the DC fan is supplied through the Drive PCB.

5. Compact Air-Cooled type

SC-UE15 employs the air-cooled type. Simple and compact design can be realized for the final product integrated with the cooler.


• Dimension

W180 x H160 x L420mm
Dimensional drawing (PDF)

• Mass Weight

approx. 8.5Kg

• Power Source


• Cooling Capacity

Approx. 120W (at the cold side temperature of -23.3C)
Approx. 50W (at the cold side temperature of -80C)

• Power Consumption

Maximum 200W (including Drive PCB)

• Accessory@

DC48V Drive PCB (Model No. SC-UE15-31)

Cooling Property
Cooling Curve (SC-UE15)

(Measured by TWINBIRD)

* Power supply to the cooler needs to be limited under the condition where the cold head temperature is higher than 0C.


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