SC-BV25 Vaccine Transport Box 25L

Main Feature

Vaccine Cargo
*Vaccine Cargo
1. Environmentally Friendly

FPSC is used in this product for new cooling system.

2. Compact and Lightweight

Product weight : Approx. 15 kg
(This product is smaller and lighter than an equivalent compressor-type product)

3. High Efficiency and Deep Temp.: 4C }2C

Big LED display for inside temperature.
With a memory function of the lowest temperature and the highest temperature.
With a warning alarm function of beeping sound and flashing LED.

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• Outside Sizes

approx. W695 x D350 x H460mm

• Inside Sizes

approx. W335 x D225 x H340mm

• Product Weight

approx. 15.0 Kg

• Capacity

approx. 25 litter

• Power Source


• Power Consumption


• Inside Temperature

4C }2C

• Temperature Display

Inside temperature is displayed on the display panel.

• Alarm

When the temperature exceeds, an alarm sounds and flashing LED.

• Operation Noise

under 40dB(A) (Condition: Target temperature and Stable state)

• Accessory

Two pieces of plastic container.
3 m cord for cigarette plug DC12V.

*Data on the trial samples

Cooling Curve
Cooling Curve (Vaccine Cargo)

(Measured by TWINBIRD)


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