SC-JS05N Stirling Refrigeration Unit

Main Feature

Refrigeration Unit for general use (Cooling and freezing)
1. High General Versatility

You may design your own refrigeration system by combination with various cooling containers that best suit the intended use.

2. High General Versatility

By the combination with high quality cooling container, it is possible to keep the freezing temperature to -18 during the transportation. For example, it can keep the inner temperature to -18 ( at 35 of ambient temperature ) by the combination with the test box of our company.

3. Selectable 2 Modes

Adapted for various cooling temperatures
- Cooling ( + 3 )
- Freezing ( - 18 )

4. Selectable Power Source

Power supply is DC12V, so you can use this refrigeration unit by connecting to a cigarette lighter plug in the vehicle. You have the options to use this refrigeration unit by:
- connecting to AC adaptor for use in a house.

* Performance and effects are subject to the size of cooler box, heat insulating capacity and condition of use.


• Product Size

approx. W490 x D307 x H290mm

• Product Weight

approx. 7.2kg

• Input Voltage


• Power Consumption


• Temperature Range for Use


• Accessories

DC12V cord ( 4m ) for vehicle power charger.

• Performance Characteristics

Cooling Capacity
Temperature at the center of the container:
1) Cooling: +3C±3 ( at ambient temperature 35 )
2) Freezing: -18 or less ( at ambient temperature 35 )
Container: The test box of our company.


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