C-200N Insulating Container designed for SC-JS05N

Main Feature

ƒN[ƒ‹ƒJ[ƒS 200N

C-200N Insulating Container

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Insulating Container
( C-200N )

Refrigeration Unit
( SC-JS05N )
¦ Separately sold

C-200N Insulating Container ( 200L ) does not include SC-JS05N Stirling Refrigeration Unit.
¦ Need assembly by customers.

1. Get a space for refrigerating in your car by loading SC-JS05N.
2. High Quality Control

High-precision temperature control during transportation keeping the optimum temperature range is possible in the pharmaceutical and biomedical field that require strict temperature control. Cool Cargo is also suitable for transporting the fresh raw food.

3. Small Footprint, Environmentally Friendly.

”Free Piston Stirling Cooling System” uses helium as the refrigerant and is environmentally friendly with a low carbon footorint and zero ozone depletion potential; thus contributing to the environmental management needs of your company.

4. Lightweight and foldable

Cooling container is foldable. Compact and efficient for transportation and storing.

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C-200N Insulating Container ( 200 L )

• Product Size

approx. W 800 x D 610 x H 700 mm
Dimensional drawing (PDF)

• Inner Size

approx. W 680 x D 490 x H 590 mm

• Product Size (folded)

approx. W 310 x D 610 x H 700 mm

• Product Weight

approx. 6.8 Kg

• Capacity

200 Litter


Rigid expanded polystyrene, silver insulation sheet


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