Quality Policy

We will pursue the Quality First in line with Business Creed, that is to provide an "Emotional Impact & Amenity" in our daily life, and will contribute to the society by furnishing the assured and useful product that would satisfy the customers.

[Quality Policy]

1) Twinbird will comply with quality standard and regulations, and fulfill customers' requirement. Twinbird will ensure that the quality management system is carried out effectively, and continually improve the quality management system.

2) Twinbird will establish the quality objectives, and carry out, and review them regularly.

3) Twinbird will review this Quality Policy, as necessity requires.

4) This "Quality Policy" will be attached with the booklet of "Outline of Employee Ethics", to ensure that "Quality Policy" will be communicated within Twinbird employees, thoroughly.

Established in June 9, 2006


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