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New Launch: High Capacity And High Performance Stirling Cooler (SC-UE15)

March 10, 2008

Twinbird Corporation (Niigata pref. Japan) will launch new type Stirling Cooler, SC-UE15 on March 25, 2008. The SC-UE15 is environmentally friendly, has high capacity and high performance.

History of the Twinbird Free-Piston Stirling cooler (FPSC)

Twinbird Corporation developed the worlds first fully commercialized Stirling cooler, the TB-40, in 2003. Twinbird is now releasing a third generation Stirling cooler, the SC-UE15, which has high efficiency and a large cooling capacity. The SC-UE15 can provide significant cooling capacities and operate efficiently across a broad temperature range (-120C to +70C). With a cooling capacity of 50W at -80C, this product can be applied effectively to a broad range of industrial devices. The SC-UE15 enables cooling to very low temperatures with extremely precise temperature control. An accomplishment that is quite difficult to duplicate with conventional compressor (Rankine) type systems. The ability to provide high capacity cooling, with precision control, at very low temperatures in an amazingly compact package, enables the SC-UE15 to merge seamlessly with a large variety of industrial applications including physical and chemical science.

Main Features


High cooling capacity: easily reaching -120C, with no affect on reliability, which has been difficult with conventional compressor type coolers.


Wide cooling temperature range (from -120C to +70C): Can be applied to a large variety of applications.


High precision temperature control without requiring water baths or auxiliary heating elements: Suitable for various industrial devices including those for physical and chemical uses.


Earth-friendly cooler: Uses Helium gas, which is natural gas and has 0(zero) global warming potential.


Easy to install and handle: Unique module structure enables easy installing and handling and service.


Adapted for RoHS.

Product Appearance

Cooling Capacity

Stirling Cooler; The SC-UE15 Stirling Cooler; The SC-UE15: Cooling Capacity


EProduct Name / Model Number

150W Type FPSC Module / SC-UE15

EProduct Size (mm)

W180 x H160 x L420mm

EProduct Weight (kg)

Approx. 8.5kg

ECooling Capacity

Approx. 120W (at the cold head temp. -23.3C)
Approx. 50W (at the cold head temp. -80C)

EPower Consumption

Maximum 200W

EAmbient Temperature

0 ~ 40C


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* This product has been developed and manufactured by Twinbird Corporation under license from Global Cooling BV.

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