Important Information

Field of Application and Restriction of Export
This product has been manufactured by Twinbird Corporation under license from Global Cooling BV. Twinbird's license agreement with Global Cooling restrict the following fields of use, manufacture and sale.

Restricted Use:

Products for use in the field of commercial, non-alcoholic beverages outside of Asia.

* Please contact Twinbird or Global Cooling BV regarding sales in this area.

The following regulations shall apply to Stirling Cooler and permission for export by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry is required before exporting Stirling coolers from Japan for abroad.

• Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Law-section 1 of article 48.
• Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Law-section 1 of article 67.
• Export Trade Control Ordinance-section 2 of article 8.

If you wish to export our Products from Japan for abroad, please contact us prior to exporting.
The above regulations were applied at the time of January 2008. Laws and regulations may be revised according to the legal revisions.


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