Enviromental Policy

Twinbird Corporation, at its head quarters factory, will strive continuously to promote global environmental protection and conservation action,in the every area of its production activities.

1) Twinbird will promote environmental protection activities by setting up environmental management system and improving the system continuously.

2) Twinbird will abide by environmental laws,legal controls and social agreements.

3) Twinbird will make effort to reduce the load to global environmental by setting up the following activities as the essential management objectives.

① Reduction of the energy consumption.
② Reduction of the wastes.
③ Promotion of recycling used and wasted materials.
④ Development of the environmentally friendly products.

4) For the essential management objectives above,Twinbird will set up the environmental goals and objectives within the bound of its technology and finance,and review periodically its state of implementation.

5) Twinbird will ensure that all employees and associate members are aware of and understand the Company's Environmental Policies through General Principles of Employee's Ethics and Bulletin. At the same time, Twinbird will set forth the Environmental Policy and its state to the public when necessary.


Established in June 9, 2006


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